3 main reasons for hairfall

Hair fall is one of the most common complaints we all have in our daily life. No matter what we do, we always end up having those few strands of hair stuck in our combs or lying on our bathroom floor. As I have mentioned in my previous post, it is normal to lose around 50-70 hair per day, yet it is typical to be concerned when you see a chunk of your hair lying around or a receding hairline on your scalp. There are many obvious causes for hair fall. But let me narrow down to 3 MAIN causes that are responsible for hair loss. 1) STRESS It is the most commonly blamed cause for almost every medical problem in the world today . 80-90 percent of your hair are in growing phase and 10-20 percent of your hair are in resting phase that eventually shed from the scalp.                                   Stress releases certain chemical signals that induces hair follicles to enter into telogen phase (resting phase) and when the cause of stress is eliminated, the telogen hair foll

Noticing hair fall everyday ??? It could still be considered normal !!

Hair fall can get quite disturbing , though it is a normal part of life. It is experienced by all of us on a daily basis. I'm going to help you understand how much of hair fall is normal in a day and when should you really start to worry about it and start seeking treatments. Hair loss on daily basis  Just like we to lose old and dead skin on a regular basis it is also vital to lose old and dead hair on a regular basis (not to forget hair is made of dead material called keratin). Hair loss is a part of the natural hair growth cycle  and is an essential part of growing new and healthy hair . Each hair follicle goes through a longer growing phase (Anagen) followed by short period of  resting phase(catagen) during which the hair follicle is still attached to the scalp but it is no longer active. It then enters the falling phase (telogen) and once the old hair sheds it creates a space for a new hair follicle to grow. That's why many of us notice hair while we are